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2014-09-11 13:48 GMT+02:00 Matthew Jordan <mjordan@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> That wouldn't be sufficient any way. A SIP device can send REGISTER requests
> as often as it wants; the duration of the registration is merely how long
> Asterisk will keep the registration. Devices should send a REGISTER request
> within that period of time, but they can spam them much more often than that
> as well.

Yes exactly:
from Asterisk point of view, re-registration occurs when and only when
a new REGISTER comes in during previous "REGISTER duration", if I may
call it this.

If I'm not mistaken, if you don't forget to also track Unregister
events along Register events, the only missing thing allowing a third
party app to detect re-registration (as defined above) is the
RegistrationDuration data, no matter how useful this knowledge might

Do we agree on that or did I miss something ?

For curiosity's sake, why do you need to detect registrations (and
avoid re-registrations) ?

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