CALLID header in SuccessfulAuth manager message

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I'm creating application which should be triggered after peer registration. I'm listening on manager interface for events. Following event I'm getting when peer are registered:

Event: SuccessfulAuth
Privilege: security,all
SequenceNumber: 214
File: manager.c
Line: 1459
Func: manager_default_msg_cb
EventTV: 2014-09-10T10:38:47.508+0200
Severity: Informational
Service: SIP
EventVersion: 1
AccountID: +1234567890
SessionID: 0x7f4f6431fc88
LocalAddress: IPV4/UDP/
RemoteAddress: IPV4/UDP/
UsingPassword: 1

When I got this event I'm triggering my script. When peer tries to unregister or re-register, then SessionID should be same as for initial register message(I believe so). Sometimes after new registration SessionID is not updated and in this case my script ignores this message, cause it is assuming that it is re-registration.

As solution I assumed I can use sip header CALLID, but it is not possible to include it in manager SuccessfulAuth messages, I tried to add to manager.conf following line:

channelvars = SIPCALLID

But it do not helps, it shows SIPCALLID for other manager messages but not for SuccessfulAuth messages.

Additionally I do not understand why PeerStatus: Reachable message(which you can find below) is not generated for each registration. 50% of registration I see this message, but I should be able to get it for each registration.

Event: PeerStatus
Privilege: system,all
SequenceNumber: 220
File: manager.c
Line: 1459
Func: manager_default_msg_cb
ChannelType: SIP
Peer: SIP/+1111111111
PeerStatus: Reachable

Please let me know how I can include SIP header "CALLID" into "Event: SuccessfulAuth" manager messages and please let me know how is possible to force manager to generate "PeerStatus: Reachable" messages for each registration. I'm using Asterisk 12.5.0. If you have other better ideas how to trigger script for each new registration, please feel free to share with me your ideas.

With kind regards,

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