Re: Bug Resilience Program of German Sovereign Tech Fund

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Hi Paul,
the Sovereign Tech Fund also offers funding (called General Investments). The application describes what should be achieved and how much it should cost. But that is another program and the application is more difficult.

I think we should apply for the Bug Resilience Program with their Direct Contributions option. This is not funding, rather a company is hired to do the mentioned things. It is easier to apply for and if granted should improve the situation. If this goes well, we still can apply to other programs like the security audit a bug bounty program or direct funding. Maybe other sources of funding like the NLnet Foundation might be a better next step.

If you agree, I can prepare the application and share my draft.


Am 06.06.24 um 22:17 schrieb Paul Eggert:

Sounds pretty much what autoconf and automake need!

Oh I agree they need all that, it's just that Zack was talking about getting funding and I don't see funding mentioned there.

Unless it's understood that "entails" means "provides funding for"? If so, where is that sort of thing written down?

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