Re: Bug Resilience Program of German Sovereign Tech Fund

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On 2024-06-06 10:48, Christoph Grüninger wrote:
Citing from the application you linked, I am referring to "direct contribution":

 > Direct Contributions will be provided by Neighborhoodie GmbH
 > and entails direct code and non-code contributions, such
 > as triaging, sorting and fixing known issues, supporting projects
 > with additional coding capacity, re-engineering/re-coding/refactoring
 > or removing code, improving documentation and contributor
 > onboarding material, as well as help implementing best practices
 > or standards for maintainability

Sounds pretty much what autoconf and automake need!

Oh I agree they need all that, it's just that Zack was talking about getting funding and I don't see funding mentioned there.

Unless it's understood that "entails" means "provides funding for"? If so, where is that sort of thing written down?

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