Re: [cfarm-users] Missing "make" on gcc210 or / or wrong autoconf - any idea?

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On 2022-10-30 02:22, Jaroslav Fojtik via cfarm-users wrote:
I am asking, is this standard on solaris not to have installed make but gmake instead?

No, on traditional Solaris 10, traditional 'make' is /usr/ccs/bin/make (part of the SUNWsprot package) or /usr/xpg4/bin/make (part of the SUNWxcu4t package). They are identical executables. Although neither is required as part of operating system core, both are routinely installed on any platform intended for software development.

GNU make is /usr/sfw/bin/gmake (part of the SUNWgmake package). This is not routinely installed.

More-recent Solaris derivatives (I'm thinking of illuminos) do things differently, but still, the idea seems to be that 'make' is traditional, 'gmake' is GNU make.

I hoped that user runs autoconf and autoconf will decide whether to execute "make" or "gmake" or whatever else.

Autoconf looks only for 'make', and historically this has worked well on Solaris because most packages do not assume GNU Make. If you want to configure with 'gmake' on Solaris, you can use './configure MAKE=gmake'.

It might be nice for someone to contribute changes to Autoconf, for packages that want to assume GNU Make semantics. Presumably this would be a new macro. I'll cc this to autoconf@xxxxxxx.

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