Re: Mailing list move complete

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On 1 Nov 2023 18:04 +0100, from users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Zeeshan Ali Khan via Users):
> This fuckup would be acceptable if we had an easy way to unsubscribe.

While I certainly can understand the frustration of being added to a
mailing list you didn't intend to be on, the headers of the mailing
list posts since the migration (including the announcement post) do

List-Unsubscribe: <mailto:users-leave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Have you tried that? (I haven't, so there may be some obvious reason
why you wouldn't consider it "an easy way" which isn't clear to me,
but if that is the case then that is perhaps something which _could_
be addressed.)

Michael Kjörling                     🔗
“Remember when, on the Internet, nobody cared that you were a dog?”

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