Re: ANNOUNCE: Mailing list move complete

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> In my original announcement[1] I mentioned that people would need to manually
> re-subscribe. Due to a mixup in communications, our IT admins went ahead and
> migrated across the existing entire subscriber base for all lists. Thus there
> is NO need to re-subscribe to any of the lists. If you were doing filtering
> of mail, you may need to update filters for the new list ID matches.

This fuckup would be acceptable if we had an easy way to unsubscribe.
As I wrote to you in a private email, that is not the case.

I tried to create an account to unsubscribe but since I never received
the confirmation email, I'm now stuck in the limbo state of having an
account but unable to login. The irony of a mailing list failing to
send out an important email, is not lost on me either. (Yes, I did
check my spam folder).

Please unsubscribe me.


Zeeshan Ali Khan

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