ANNOUNCE: Mailing list move complete

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This is an announcement to the effect that the mailing list move is now
complete. TL;DR the new list addresses are:

 * announce@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    (formerly libvirt-announce@xxxxxxxxxx)

   Low volume, announcements of releases and other important info

 * users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx       (formerly libvirt-users@xxxxxxxxxx)

   End user questions and discussions and collaboration

 * devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx       (formerly libvir-list@xxxxxxxxxx)

   Patch submission for development of main project

 * security@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    (formerly libvir-security@xxxxxxxxxx)

   Submission of security sensitive bug reports

The online archive and membership mgmt interface is

In my original announcement[1] I mentioned that people would need to manually
re-subscribe. Due to a mixup in communications, our IT admins went ahead and
migrated across the existing entire subscriber base for all lists. Thus there
is NO need to re-subscribe to any of the lists. If you were doing filtering
of mail, you may need to update filters for the new list ID matches.

With the new list server, HyperKitty is providing the web interface. Thus
if you wish to interact with the lists entire via the browser this is now
possible. Note that it requires you to register for an account and set a
password, even if you are already a list subscriber.

If you mistakenly send to the old lists you should receive an auto-reply
about the moved destinations.

Note, we had some technical issues on Thursday/Friday, so if you sent
mails on those two days they probably will not have reached any lists,
and so you may wish to re-send them.

With regards,

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