ANNOUNCE: Forthcoming changes to libvirt mailing list hosting

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Hello Libvirt Community,

For the last 18(!) years, libvirt community mailing lists have been kindly
hosted by Red Hat Corporate IT on the Mailman installation.
In retrospect this wasn't the ideal home for community mailing lists but
that decision is ancient history.

Unfortunately as a consequence of infrastructure changes, the
Mailman service is scheduled to be decomissioned, and in the very near
future ($low weeks) will cease to be able to send/receive mail for
libvirt lists.

As a result, all the libvirt mailing lists will need to move to a new
Mailman installation, managed on our behalf by the Red Hat Open Source
Community Infrastructure team[1], who provide services for a variety
of OSS projects.

It is intended that this new service will be dedicated for our community
and thus located somewhere under the domain. It should go
without saying that all existing mail archives will be migrated over to
the new server. None of the historical record should be lost.

It is not considered appropriate netiquette, however, to bulk-resubscribe
all current list members under a new domain. Thus anyone who wants to
remain on the community lists will soon be requested to take action
to enroll on the new mailman service.

The new service is not quite ready for use yet.

This mail serves as a heads up that the changes will be coming in the
next couple of weeks that will require action. A further announcement
will be sent when the new mailman is ready to accept subscriptions,
as well as warnings before the old lists stop accepting messages.

With regards,

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