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> Am 15.09.2023 um 23:11 schrieb Samuel Sieb <samuel@xxxxxxxx>:
> The advantage btrfs has is that the volumes share the same space.  So you can have / and /home be separate,

Think again, you hopefully recognize the 'contradictio in adiecto' yourself.

> And you can still do a re-install while keeping the files in /home.  

You can do that as long as you have no serious filesystem issue and you don’t need to reformat ROOT. But in such a case you can do that with any plain filesystem as well. That is no specific advantage of BTRFS at all.

If you have to reformat while installing, all your data in /home are lost as well in case of BTRFS subvolumes. But they are not lost in case of  LVM volumes. 

BTRFS is perfectly OK for desktop and laptops. Fortunately you don’t need to reformat that often, nowadays. But everyone should clearly know what is going on. And you should really stop to spread misleading information! This could be dangerous for precious data of other users. 

Peter Boy

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