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On Sat, 2023-09-16 at 09:17 +0200, Peter Boy wrote:
> From the *practical* side, perhaps it would be worth considering
> whether your use case is the usual and common case - 6-16 GB RAM,
> 500GB - 1TB disk, regular (hourly) backup, etc.

I would say the *most* usual and common would be no backups made at

I'd also say that *most* people using a computer are only semi-literate 
about computing.  It's gone from only nerds with a keen interest are
using computers to virtually everyone is expected to, no matter how
little their care about it.

Backing things up, *and* being able to restore something is far from
straight-forward.  You really need something external to back up to, it
may well be best that it's not another computer with the same OS, since
and OS update may be what caused your need to restore files.  You need
to know how to drive it.  How to backup what you need to backup, how to
ignore things that don't need backing up that would waste time and
space.  And you really need to know how to retrieve something specific
that you lost, because a simple dump everything you have now in the
trash and put back on everything from an hour (or more) ago causes far
more loss than the one file you needed to get back.
uname -rsvp
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