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> Am 15.09.2023 um 17:23 schrieb Bill Cunningham <bill.cu1234@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> ...
>> WHat is the reason Peter behind xfs being used on the server edition and btrfs on the workstation? I pretty much stick with ext3. I don't even use ext4 really. I've never used xfs.
> Bill

It is basically about data protection, performances, reliability and easy administration (see So, the Fedora server editions (i.e. Server and CoreOS) use LVM/xfs.   

And please, think twice when you read something like "BTRFS protects us from "silent" corruption of files, which is more of an issue with large volumes of data“ or „... large organizations with many users, btrfs is expected to reduce problems with data corruption…“. It’s more kind of marketing speech than any valid decision criteria or technically based argument. If you use the search engine of your preference you will find a lot of detailed and and technically based discussions of Fedora and Red Hat engineers about the topic. As in most cases, there is no „one absolute truth“ about filesystems as many missionaries claim again and again. It is a question of weighing and criteria for a use case or also for a type of use cases. 


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