Re: console logging during shutdown.

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On 7/25/23 11:09 AM, home user wrote:
Good morning,

I want to see console logging during shutdown automatically, by default.
How do I do that?


(responding to posts about plymouth)
What's making me uncomfortable is the huge number of files (NOT in /home) that contain the string "plymouth".  I don't know much of dnf's innards, or what from a dnf perspective constitutes a "dependency".  But at least a few of the "hits" I got by searching file contents for "plymouth" surely must be some kind of dependency or connection that dnf does not know about.

Regardless, I do appreciate y'all's efforts to help.

Barry:  This is not a router or server.  This is a home workstation (and it's all I have).  I'm concerned that some of the references to plymouth might be in applications, and dnf might not know about them.

The problem is solved; next post.
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