Re: console logging during shutdown.

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On 7/26/23 9:45 AM, David King wrote:
On 7/25/23 21:43, home user wrote:
I tried to research plymouth.  I found little information about it; no hint of any configuration or customization file.  I tried searching for files (not in user directory trees) containing the string "plymouth"; I was overwhelmed.  I tried finding files and directories (not in user directory trees) whose name contained "plymouth"; I was overwhelmed.  I gather plymouth is used for much more than logging during boot-up and shutdown.

Strange.  When I searched on "plymouth linux" the first two hits I got were the Arch Linux and pages on Plymouth which seem to answer the questions you are asking.  The Arch Linux page describes where to find the configuration files, what options can be put into them, and how to toggle Plymouth on and off using kernel options. Plymouth is part of and their page lists a mailing list, IRC channel and documentation links. I'd expect you could use those to get any information you needed.

Before opening this thread, I tried searching a few things like "Fedora shutdown console logging".  I got Fedora documentation pages that were warned to be out-of-date.  I looked through them anyway.  I saw no hint on how to control console logging, though I could easily have missed something.

After Barry mentioned plymouth, I looked at its man page.  Likewise plymouthd.  Again, I saw no hint of how to control console logging, and no hint of configuration files, though I could easily have missed something.  I did see the Freedesktop reference, and spent time in that.  Same result, though I did not look at everything.

You, presumably a sys.admin., would know if and how information in other Linux distribution web sites apply to Fedora.  I'm not a sys.admin..  I don't expect something in another Linux distribution web site to easily apply, if at all, to Fedora.  As this had already taken up large amounts of my time, I did not consider that web site, nor would I consider suse, ubantu, windows, or any other OS's web site.

God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things,  Right now, I am so far behind, I will never die!

I'm not yet done responding to everyone's posts, but the problem is solved.  I'll try to get that posted soon.

(*) from a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip.
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