Need help; safe way to shrink my fedora38 installation disk

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hello everybody,

i need some space on disk for a second installation.
therefore i want to safely shrink my fedora installation.

here is the disk layout:
Label: 'fedora_localhost-live'  uuid: ceb296ac-852b-420c-af45-
	Total devices 1 FS bytes used 156.97GiB
	devid    1 size 269.47GiB used 200.02GiB path /dev/nvme0n1p6

│    vfat   FAT32       A544-D3FB                                     
│    ext4   1.0         e42d229f-bb34-460b-80cc-4b50fcdf1754          
│    swap   1           3021cbd8-230e-4c61-8f2a-6faeb8fd6b5f          
│    vfat   FAT32       E9A3-DD63                             581,4M  
3% /boot/efi
│    ext4   1.0         92299ff3-bb02-42a8-a734-16b7c0dc16a6  558,7M  
36% /boot
     btrfs        fedora_localhost-live

i tried it with gparted, but if i want to shrink, a warning appears,
that it is possible,to not boot anymore.

my question:
is there a safe way to shrink?

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