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  I just updated the sagemath x86_64 f17 repository, now correcting
several issues, and adding a workaround to the previous issue of
the jmol interface not properly working.

  Sample jmol related screenshots from my f17 notebook:
[after pressing the "evaluate" button, shows a preview]
[after pressing the "Make Interactive" button;
 the plot becomes interactive :-)]
[after pressing the "Toggle Advanced Controls" button;
 as far as I could test, everything is fully functional]
[popup after pressing the "Help for Jmol 3-D Viewer" button]

  It does not properly work with konqueror, known to work is firefox
and chromium-browser, but now I changed it to force using
firefox, it sets "export SAGE_BROWSER=firefox" in /usr/bin/sage

  Another change was to add pt translation, but there are others:

$ ls /usr/share/sagemath/doc/output/html
de  en  fr  pt  ru  tr

and a screenshot :-)

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