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2012/9/30 Paulo César Pereira de Andrade
>   Rdieter suggested me to make an experimental repository for
> early adopters, so, my first fedora repository has been created :-)
>   To enable it, run something like:
> #  su
> # cd /etc/yum.repos.d
> # wget
> and then:
> # yum install sagemath
>   There is no guarantee that nothing will break in dependencies.
> It should install cleanly in a fedora 17 using the kde "scientific"
> iso image. You can look at the contents of the repository at:
>   Note that it will update pari, libmpc, maxima, givaro, numpy, etc
> what may cause issues with updates of other packages later.
>   Please report any issues. But remember this is the first
> prototype/package for fedora.

I haven't tested it thoroughly, but it works. Running sage installed
via a package manager gives a good feeling indeed.

Thanks for your effort.

Vedran Miletić

>   I will later make a repository for f18, that should have very
> few dependencies as most are already in f18.
> Thanks,
> Paulo
> PS: If you are on it, please also, if you have any comments
> about my experimental/prototype packages at:
> I would like any feedback
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