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  Rdieter suggested me to make an experimental repository for
early adopters, so, my first fedora repository has been created :-)

  To enable it, run something like:

#  su
# cd /etc/yum.repos.d
# wget

and then:

# yum install sagemath

  There is no guarantee that nothing will break in dependencies.
It should install cleanly in a fedora 17 using the kde "scientific"
iso image. You can look at the contents of the repository at:

  Note that it will update pari, libmpc, maxima, givaro, numpy, etc
what may cause issues with updates of other packages later.

  Please report any issues. But remember this is the first
prototype/package for fedora.

  I will later make a repository for f18, that should have very
few dependencies as most are already in f18.


PS: If you are on it, please also, if you have any comments
about my experimental/prototype packages at:
I would like any feedback
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