Re: Review Request: Ray -- Parallel genome assemblies for parallel DNA sequencing

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I fixed that.

But help2man --locale en_US.UTF-8 throws an error

I filled a bug here for help2man

On 11/05/2012 10:16 AM, José Matos wrote:
On 11/03/2012 02:25 AM, Sébastien Boisvert wrote:
Dear members of the Fedora Science and Technology Special Interest Group,

I packaged Ray so that it can be included in Fedora as a
scientific and engineering package (Biology and bioinformatics software).

The name of the software is Ray and it is licensed under the GPLv3.


Ray is a parallel software that computes de novo genome assemblies with
next-generation sequencing data.
Ray is written in C++ and can run in parallel on numerous interconnected
computers using the message-passing interface (MPI) standard.
  - Ray de novo assembly of single genomes
  - Ray Méta de novo assembly of metagenomes
  - Ray Communities microbe abundance + taxonomic profiling
  - Ray Ontologies gene ontology profiling

Please review these at your convenience:

Spec URL:


Upstream tarball URL:

Let me know what I need to change.

Also, do I need to open an account to become a package collection
maintainer ?



Just to reinforce the advice in comment #14 after your remark on comment #6

"After reading Fedora guidelines:
- Removed symbols that are not U.S. American English from man page"

You do not need to change the symbols since the guidelines do not
require it.

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