Re: Experiment with sagemath and Polybori needs to be built

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2012/5/2 Paulo César Pereira de Andrade
> 2012/5/1 Paulo César Pereira de Andrade
> <>:
> [...]
>>> Okay, let's see what the Sage and linbox upstreams have to say about
>>> your patches.
>>  Me too also waiting, otherwise, will take me some time to actually
>> run sagemath in Fedora and debug it myself, as I believe if there
>> is something wrong with the patch, it was my misunderstanding
>> of things like arguments in format "A_nr, A_nc, B_nr, B_nc" renamed
>> to "m, n, k" as the constraint is number of rows of A must match
>> number of columns of B (for multiplication), or missed some place
>> where there could be a double dereference or double free as
>> linbox 1.1.6 did allocate a buffer for every matrix row and
>> linbox 1.2.2 allocates a single buffer.
>  Today I made some experimental builds in a Mandriva computer
> where I have sagemath-4.8 working, to update to use givaro 3.5.0
> and linbox 1.2.2. It is required significant extra patches to fully
> build sagemath, and a new patch is not yet complete, but by doing
> this, I will have a better idea of viability of using linbox 1.2.2, or
> patching linbox 1.1.6 to use newer givaro.
>  Once done the test build, I will see what breaks in sage doctests,
> hopefully nothing, or just require trivial patches, and then it should
> be easier to get it integrated in sagemath. Too bad I am afraid it
> will not be in time for sagemath 5.0, kind like too late even if patches
> were available and known to work 3 months ago...

  Jerry, can you please add the attached patch to fflas-ffpack and
better yet if get it in upstream :-)
  I am working on linbox 1.2.2 patches, that also need
(optional for 32 bit arches and sagemath), as that is not defined
anywhere, and should be done either in and autoreconf,
or just set it in linbox.spec, but still trying to get all bits together
to get things to compile and then check if everything works...


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