Re: Experiment with sagemath and Polybori needs to be built

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2012/5/1 Paulo César Pereira de Andrade


>> Okay, let's see what the Sage and linbox upstreams have to say about
>> your patches.
>  Me too also waiting, otherwise, will take me some time to actually
> run sagemath in Fedora and debug it myself, as I believe if there
> is something wrong with the patch, it was my misunderstanding
> of things like arguments in format "A_nr, A_nc, B_nr, B_nc" renamed
> to "m, n, k" as the constraint is number of rows of A must match
> number of columns of B (for multiplication), or missed some place
> where there could be a double dereference or double free as
> linbox 1.1.6 did allocate a buffer for every matrix row and
> linbox 1.2.2 allocates a single buffer.

  Today I made some experimental builds in a Mandriva computer
where I have sagemath-4.8 working, to update to use givaro 3.5.0
and linbox 1.2.2. It is required significant extra patches to fully
build sagemath, and a new patch is not yet complete, but by doing
this, I will have a better idea of viability of using linbox 1.2.2, or
patching linbox 1.1.6 to use newer givaro.

  Once done the test build, I will see what breaks in sage doctests,
hopefully nothing, or just require trivial patches, and then it should
be easier to get it integrated in sagemath. Too bad I am afraid it
will not be in time for sagemath 5.0, kind like too late even if patches
were available and known to work 3 months ago...

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