Re: Experiment with sagemath and Polybori needs to be built

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> cliquer probably would need this patch, otherwise unsure how
> to handle it:
> and there is another header file in the SOURCES dir.
>  I also packaged cliquer 1.2 and not updated it, and 1.2 happens
> to be the one used at least by sagemath 4.8.
>  This is another case we should push for upstream adding
> support to the desired interface, not necessarily verbatim
> patch and adding new sage_xyz symbols.

  For the sake of checking what is next, I patched your cliquer
package, and built this srpm:

(not that I did not bump release from yours cliquer srpm)

basically, it installs the new cl.h header, because it appears
to be missing from the main tarball, but some source includes
it, and installed other headers:

cp -p %{SOURCE9} cliquer.h cliquerconf.h graph.h misc.h reorder.h
set.h $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_includedir}/cliquer

  After installing a few extra packages, ecl, gc-devel, libfplll-devel, etc,
the next problem is linbox (needs sage specific patches) and missing
lcalc. Note, I feel major problems will be with singular, but that should
show itself shortly :-)

I also scp'ed a sample build log, to have an idea of what I have
building right now:

  Note that at first I want to have it working, then after that redesign
the package to split in multiple components, change some paths,
etc. And from previous experience, once getting it built, expect
very long gdb&valgrind sessions until figuring out what causes
several different crashes.

>> --
>> Jerry James

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