Re: Wayland plus and minus

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On 17/03/2024 22:41, Lester Petrie wrote:

On 3/17/2024 3:41 PM, John Pilkington wrote:

My recollection is that the GeForce GT 710 with driver built by rpmfusion provided non-gaming but TV-capable performance through VGA and HDMI ports at a less-than-premium price.  It would be good to have a build of the recent update.

John P

I have an old machine with a GT720 that recently quit working with the Nvidia drivers. I was pleasantly surprised that it finally was working well with the nouveau driver, which simplified updating considerably. I am presently running Wayland on it, and the main complaint is that I can't set where a particular window will open consistently. I also have a more recent machine with a much newer nvidia card, and there nouveau still hangs (unpredictably), so I am still using the nvidia drivers there, but I am using Wayland. I have both machines using F39 and KDE.

FWIW I tried to switch to nouveau, but didn't get a good result. instead of two adjacent windows I got only one default display, 1024 pix wide, and greyed-out config options. Fortunately I never lost all graphics and was able to restore the 470xx build with its original X11 settings. It's still notifying occasional resets. Maybe I'll try going round again...
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