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Hello, first of all you are using EOL (End-of-life) card ( 

Secondly, "akmod-nvidia" is the latest Nvidia driver but your card on the Nvidia website driver version is "470.239.06" so you can't use the Nvidia 5XX driver properly. And better Wayland support with Nvidia started as far as I know the driver. version 525. That's technically not KDE or Fedora KDE people's problem. The best I can say use open source driver or X11 

About the mouse, I use the exact mouse and I have zero problem at Wayland. 

> I found various reports of this on the interweb, mostly suggesting that
> it was to do with NVidia drivers (I have an NVidia Geforce GT 710
> card), but clearly I've got a functioning version because Wayland found
> it.  Is there any way to get X11 to use the same driver?
> My system is using akmod-nvidia-470xx version 470.223.02.
> It does have a later version, 550.54.14, but this is "only" akmod-
> nvidia", suggesting it's not specific for my card?
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