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> Sorry to top post but I can’t help it. 
> Just to fill the picture, I find wayland pretty much unusable. I’m on a very standard
> hardware, an hp probook with an I5 and intel graphic. I can login, and run programs, but
> window manager places windows where it feels like, except where program asks it to place
> it. Other small things not working, working wrongly or just missing. 
> No good for anything else than evaluation. It should be more efficient than X11, but my
> measurements do not show any difference when running apps. 
> I’ll stick to X11 until wayland becomes a tool and not a toy. 
> Giuliano 
> Inviato da iPhone

I use Wayland every day on my laptop which has an Intel CPU and Intel graphics card. I'm not sure why it's causing problems for you. It might be helpful to file a bug report so that the developers can investigate the issue further. They may need additional information about your hardware, software, or Linux kernel to identify the problem.
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