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On 17/03/2024 16:58, Felix Miata wrote:
Mark composed on 2024-03-17 15:09 (UTC):

Yes, I see now it's 10 years old!  :=(
I put my money into the processor (AMD Ryzen 7 3800X) when I bought
this machine, I don't really need powerful graphics, the 710 might've
been the most sensible cheapest option, I don't remember.

If you "don't really need powerful graphics", then you don't really need the pain
of a premium priced GPU for which fully capable FOSS drivers never exist, do you?

My recollection is that the GeForce GT 710 with driver built by rpmfusion provided non-gaming but TV-capable performance through VGA and HDMI ports at a less-than-premium price. It would be good to have a build of the recent update.

John P
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