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On Wed, 2020-11-11 at 09:46 +0100, Lukas Ruzicka wrote:
> I am not sure whether this problem affects real desktops or virtual
> desktops. I cannot test anything with real multiple monitors, because
> I
> currently do not have such setup.
> However, speaking of virtual desktops - if I run Firefox on one
> virtual
> desktop and switch to another one, run a terminal session, I am able
> to get
> a new Firefox window to
> open on the current virtual desktop - the one with the terminal.
> I am using this command: *firefox --browser*
> This will open a new detached Firefox window in the spot but it will
> keep
> all instance info as well as the profile. Can you try if it works for
> you?

That does work when run as you say (just running 'firefox --browser'
from the Kickstart menu). I'll try to combine it with the xdg-open idea
from Ed.

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