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On 11/11/2020 07:15, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
Thanks. I tested your second suggestion and it appears to work, though
it does require keeping a dummy Firefox window on "D2" (at least I can
minimize the dummy window).

This may take a little bit of research on "your" part, but it may be an option.

I am guessing that Evolution makes an xdg-open call to open a link. i think it then uses
the contents of the firefox.desktop to execute.

The way pick which of these, I do not know.

Exec=firefox %u
Exec=firefox --new-window %u
Exec=firefox --private-window %u
Exec=firefox --ProfileManager

But, if you can find a way to have Evolution use an exec line with the command line
parameter "-new-instance" this may be a solution.

FYI, this is just a SWAG.  :-)

The key to getting good answers is to ask good questions.

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