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Il 10/11/20 12:35, Patrick O'Callaghan ha scritto:
> Sorry for the vague title but here's the situation:
> When I click on a URL in Evolution, I get a browser window, but said
> window invariably opens on the desktop where the browser originally
> launched when I started my session, meaning I have to switch desktops
> to see it.
> Is there some magic that will always respond to clicks by opening tghe
> window on the desktop where the click happened?
> I'm not even sure if this is a KDE question, an X11 question, a kwin
> question, a Plasma question, a browser question or what (though I don't
> think it's an Evolution question).
> poc
> _______________________________________________

What browser do you use?

I can reproduce your issue with Firefox: if I have a Firefox window open 
on Desktop 1 and open a link from Desktop 2, a new tab is created in the 
original browser window on D1. But if there are no browser windows open, 
the link will open a new browser on D2.

I've found two workaround: one is to change Firefox settings to open 
links in new window instead of new tabs. That, however, will make ALL 
links to open new browser windows...
Another workaround is to manually open a new browser window on D2, then 
all links from D2 will open in the browser on D2.


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