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On Tue, 2020-11-10 at 18:02 +0000, Mattia Verga wrote:
> Il 10/11/20 12:35, Patrick O'Callaghan ha scritto:
> > Sorry for the vague title but here's the situation:
> > 
> > When I click on a URL in Evolution, I get a browser window, but said
> > window invariably opens on the desktop where the browser originally
> > launched when I started my session, meaning I have to switch desktops
> > to see it.
> > 
> > Is there some magic that will always respond to clicks by opening tghe
> > window on the desktop where the click happened?
> > 
> > I'm not even sure if this is a KDE question, an X11 question, a kwin
> > question, a Plasma question, a browser question or what (though I don't
> > think it's an Evolution question).
> > 
> > poc
> > _______________________________________________
> What browser do you use?

Mostly Firefox, occasionally Chrome.

> I can reproduce your issue with Firefox: if I have a Firefox window open 
> on Desktop 1 and open a link from Desktop 2, a new tab is created in the 
> original browser window on D1. But if there are no browser windows open, 
> the link will open a new browser on D2.
> I've found two workaround: one is to change Firefox settings to open 
> links in new window instead of new tabs. That, however, will make ALL 
> links to open new browser windows...
> Another workaround is to manually open a new browser window on D2, then 
> all links from D2 will open in the browser on D2.

Thanks. I tested your second suggestion and it appears to work, though
it does require keeping a dummy Firefox window on "D2" (at least I can
minimize the dummy window).

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