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[Sorry for the re-post, I did not know had to subscribe to the Fedora list.]

Hello Pravin Satpute et al.,

I am one of the maintainers of the liberation-fonts package in Debian (it is called fonts-liberation there [1]) and I am a bit concerned about the current state of development and the future of these fonts. I have read that the new release 2.00.1 based on Google Crosscore fonts has been defered from Fedora 18 because of rendering regressions [2]. However, since then development has apparently stopped in the GIT repository [3].

Have these rendering regressions been identified? Are they going to get addressed in the fonts or in other parts of the font rendering stack?

Will there be another release of the liberation-fonts in the short term or have these fonts been defered altogether in favor of another font family?

Thanks for your replies,

 - Fabian

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