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This is really a cross-posting, the original post is on #fedora-devel; I discovered this list too late. Sorry.


I'm trying to package a web application with bundled fonts. These fonts are used by the web clients (browsers), and just served from the Fedora webapp. The case is similar to javascript .js files.

Trying to package the webfonts as dependencies I have run into problem together with my reviewer. Basically, we don't know what to do. Some questions:

- Where should webfonts be stored? A specific dir would be good, since some fonts exists in both a webfont and desktop variant with the same filenames. - How shoulld webapps get access to the system webfont? Is the apache config file approach used for ..js files, where the webapp gets access to specific system paths, usable also here? - Given that the primary concern about fonts seems to be licensing, is it really meaningful to unbundle them?

This is the short story. The somewhat longer: https://fedorahosted.org/fpc/ticket/277

Any help, out there?

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