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I suppose we can do similar thing what I did on
It was completely machine-generated from what the packages provides in the fontconfig config files (+ comps to pick up the languages we support and to notice if it's intentional result or not, but anyway).

I guess the plugin could reasonably works in a timely manner if we can provides font(:priority=<n>) and font(:targetlang=<foo>) when the locale-specific overrides rule is applied.

----- 元のメッセージ -----
| With the introduction of the langpack plugin for yum, we've managed
| to
| remove most of the manually-maintained group metadata for i18n/l10n.
| However, one spot we still have a problem is for fonts.
| We *could* for any language that's requested, do an install of
| font(:lang=<whatever>), but that doesn't give us a useful mechanism
| to
| prioritize the proper default font.
| Would it be worth it for the default fonts for a particular locale to
| Provide: default-font(lang=<foo>)? Maintaining this could be
| problematic,
| but we would only need to do this for locales that aren't handled by
| dejavu
| or similar latin/greek/etc. fonts.
| Bill
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