Re: Unicode-friendly TTF fonts in Fedora and/or EPEL?

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Le Mer 20 octobre 2010 23:57, Robert Scheck a Ãcrit :
> Good evening,
> I'm trying to migrate a software of my employer from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8.
> The software itself has some kind of UTF-8 support, but we didn't write the
> the code ourself, which seems me to bring where I am now (bah!).

> I'm looking for a Unicode-friendly TTF font in Fedora and/or EPEL.

Unicode fonts do not exist (apart from some very specific experiments no one
uses in real life). What exist is fonts that cover more-or less wide ranges of
the Unicode standard (and remember the standard is revised regularly so those
fonts need regular maintenance to follow standard changes). And those covered
ranges typically overlap in less than convenient ways (it's not just font A +
font B + font C, some ranges like latin get ridiculous over-coverage and
others are only covered by a specific font, or are not covered at all).

So, to answer your question, you need to identify the unicode ranges that
matter to you, and search for a font-set that provides the needed coverage. If
you're lucky whoever did the UTF-8 conversion plugged your app in
pango/harfbuzz/fontconfig, and fontconfig will to the font mixing for you. If
you're un-lucky you're better hope all the unicode ranges you need are
supported in a single font. Otherwise you'll have to either add fontconfig
support yourself, or use different software instances with different hardcoded
fonts for different regions.

CJK is a particular hairball as the same codepoint need to be represented
differently depending on the region. Here locale+fontconfig support is a must.


Nicolas Mailhot

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