Re: Introduction, and ADF Gillius packaging

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Le jeudi 29 juillet 2010 à 18:55 -0400, TK009 a écrit :

> Are you interested in packaging the rest of the fonts from this
> creator? I was about to contact him.

He's very nice and responsive. I've been working a bit with him for the
two adf fonts I've packaged, and saddly I'm the unresponding part of the
conversation right now as I've had almost no free time for fonts those
past months

BTW: please be careful. There are two sets of fonts on his site, fonts
he created from scatch and are almost certainly licensing-clean, and
fonts he created by deriving other fonts. In that last case you need to
check if the final font licencing is compatible with the licensing of
the original font (for example, Vera license is not convertible to OFL
or GPL).

Nicolas Mailhot

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