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Le jeudi 29 juillet 2010 à 18:50 -0400, TK009 a écrit :
> Hello all,
> I've been interested in packaging the GUST fonts. Twice now I've tried
> to contact the creator of the fonts, the first time about 3 months ago
> and again two weeks ago without success.
> These fonts should be retired wishlist.

I feel your pain as I've been packaging Droid with no real communication
channel with the authors (they're lost in the google black box).
However, like Droid, GUST fonts are major fonts we can hardly ignore
(especially the Gyre font collection now its licencing has been fixed).

So, even though GUST people are not too friendly with free software
entities (they hate the way we insist on legal aspects, all they want is
do fonts and not have to bother about the rest, and do not understand
that step one for not having to bother about it is choosing a clean
license, not stating their hate for the GPL), someone Fedora-side will
have to package those fonts sooner or later

It won't be an easy task though. Upstream needs to be approached very
carefully, at the fist sign of supposedly free software zealotly they'll
clamp up on you.

Nicolas Mailhot

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