From VFB to UFO to TrueType?

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Several of the League of Movable Type faces are mentioned on the Fonts
Wishlist, with caveats that they should be built from source.

In this case, the source is VFB, FontLab's format. In order to go from
here to OTF, we must apparently package RoboFab, according to the advice
on the wiki pages, so we can export UFO using RoboFab, and feed this into

However, I've just taken a look at RoboFab, and I can't see a way in which
it can be used to export UFO from a VFB file without having FontLab
installed. You can certainly go from TTF or Type 1 to UFO, but going from
VFB requires that FontLab has already loaded the VFB.

Firstly, has anyone examined RoboFab more closely and can tell me that I'm
missing something?

Or alternatively, would it be OK to package the TLOMT fonts with OTFs in
their zips without going from source?

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