Re: Not packaging Epigrafica

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John Stracke wrote:
>   On 06/21/2010 07:20 AM, Paul Flo Williams wrote:
>> If there aren't, Epigrafica would need to be fixed by going into
>> FontForge
>> and getting it to rebuild all the affected characters (Ctrl+Shift+A on
>> each one? I don't know whether there's a command that will do this
>> wholesale).
> I think this Python script will do it.

Thanks John, I'll try that.

I've spoken to Antonis, and my first thoughts about FontForge perhaps not
reading the old SFD format were wrong. The pre-built fonts, PFB and
TrueType, in the archive also show the problem,
so some characters were always incorrect.

The second caveat to come out of this, which I haven't yet added to the
wiki, is that the delivered fonts should be in OpenType (CFF) format, as
there are subtle curves in the font that the TrueType conversion would
destroy. (That's direct from Antonis.)

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