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This is just a heads up to anyone who might be thinking of packaging
Epigrafica, which is on the Fonts Wishlist. I've added a short form of
this information as a caveat to the wiki page.

Packaging for Epigrafica has started and stalled twice before, so I had a
quick look yesterday to see if it would be an easy win. Unfortunately, it
seems not.

The Epigrafica sources were released in March 2007, as SFD version 1
files. Around the same time, FontForge bumped the version format to 2, and
subsequently to version 3.

FontForge will import the Epigrafica sources without complaint, but it
does the wrong thing with characters that are compositions of base and
diacritics. If you fancy having a look, import Epigrafica Ortha (Regular)
and look at U+1E71. It should be a small t with circumflex below, but
comes out as small t with capital R below. FontForge doesn't complain
about mad combinations, so it wasn't at all obvious that the generated
font was only partially usable!

I'll ask the author, Antonis Tsolomitis, whether there are any newer
versions of the sources.

If there aren't, Epigrafica would need to be fixed by going into FontForge
and getting it to rebuild all the affected characters (Ctrl+Shift+A on
each one? I don't know whether there's a command that will do this

Since Epigrafica's main feature over the family it forked from, MgOpen
Cosmetica, is the much larger set of characters with diacritics, there is
no point in packaging Epigrafica until this is fixed.

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