Subpackages for single variants of a family?

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I've been looking at packaging Cathy Davies' Chemist fonts, as requested

Rather than start from a version on one of the free font sites, I thought
I'd go back to the original source. Nice idea, were it not for the fact
that Cathy only ever issued this in Mac-specific StuffIt format, for which
no free decoders are available. Fortunately, the non-free expander is
quite cheap, so I now know that the original source for these fonts

* 3 Type 1 fonts - "Chemist", "Chemist Rough" and "Chemist Periodic"
* associated FOND resources, containing kerning information

These fonts are released to the public domain, but the README requests
that all three fonts are distributed together, which the conversions on
free font sites are clearly not doing.

In order to make these packagable while respecting the README, I am
proposing to release a new archive (ZIP, say) of the original SIT file,
containing OTF conversions of all three fonts, plus the original README,
and possibly the original Type 1s and FONDs, so the conversion could be
improved in future if anyone wanted to.

Each of the fonts is a single variant of a separate family which, by my
reading of Fedora's font packaging rules, means that I should produce
three subpackages from this single source.

Would it be acceptable to produce a single binary RPM from this single
source, given that there are only three fonts in total? I really can't
imagine why anyone who wanted to install one of these fonts wouldn't want
to have all three.

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