Poor state of my font packages

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Some time ago, I took over two font packages as they were important to
the fedora-olpc project and their original maintainer was orphaning

The first one has been in need of some love for quite some time:
nafees-web-naskh-fonts. A bug has been reported more than a year ago,
and until now I have failed to fix it properly. This is partly due to
my lack of knowledge about fonts, but mostly because of my lack of
time to acquire that knowledge.

Also, very recently, a bug has been opened against
sil-abyssinica-fonts, and I fear the same is going to happen: it
shouldn't be too hard to fix for someone who knows how to do it, but
I'd need some time to learn this stuff and I'm likely not to have the
time to commit to it, resulting in a package of poor quality.

I realize I've been a crappy maintainer for these packages, and I'm
confident they would be in much better hands if I orphaned them. Would
someone be interested in taking over them?

Here are the open bugs against those two:

If no one is willing to maintain them, even some help with fixing
those two issues would be greatly apreciated. I won't orphan them if
no one steps up as they are required for displaying some languages
which seem to be important for OLPC, but I hope a better maintainer
will appear.


Mathieu Bridon
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