compare="contains" issue

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I'd propose not using compare="contains" as far as possible,
especially must not when scripts are unififed/shared in
some languages.

Here is an example that messed up with it:

$ rpm -q vlgothic-fonts
$ FC_DEBUG=4 fc-match sans:lang=zh-cn

FcConfigSubstitute Pattern has 2 elts (size 16)
        family: "sans"(s)
        lang: zh-cn(s)


FcConfigSubstitute test pattern any lang Contains "ja"
FcConfigSubstitute test pattern any family Equal
Substitute match
        pattern any lang Contains "ja"
        pattern any family Equal "sans-serif"
        Edit family Prepend "VL Gothic";


So in this case fontconfig says "zh-cn" contains "ja"
according to the orth file.

This may depends on languages. it may works in some case,
but not in some case like the above. that would be good
however to get rid of it from the config file until
fontconfig gets a fix of ll v.s. ll-cc issue.

Any comments?


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