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I'm pretty new on this list so let me quickly introduce myself, my name is René Ribaud, I live in the
south east of France in the Alps. I work in computer science (Unix/Linux/storage) for a big computing company.
I have used Fedora for several years and I would like to bring my small contribution to this project by packaging software.

I would like to package the KanjiStrokeOrder font provide here :
However despite I have read documentation on the Fedora wiki, I still have some doubts or questions. That's the reason why I'm writing on this list.

Most of my questions are related to fontconfig.
I have read this : "You should always consider adding fontconfig tuning to your font packages." and this is the beginning of my problems. :)

So I have written the simple, minimal fontconfig file provided below :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM "../fonts.dtd">

And I choose the lowest priority font prefix 69, to not overwrite any font settings and also because the definition "Fonts with less common encodings, ending with fonts that provide coverage of exotic unicode blocks at the expense of drawing quality" seems to be good for this font.

So I wonder :
- If the fontconfig file is fine or need more information inside ?
- If the prefix is the good one and maybe more rules to select it ?

All advises regarding these points will be welcomed.

I also provide the following links, this is not for a review, I will ask for one later. But it may be interesting for you.

Best regards.
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