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On 28 March 2010 19:09, Rene Ribaud <rene.ribaud@xxxxxxx> wrote:
- If the fontconfig file is fine or need more information inside ?

yes your .conf file need little bit update.
if you are using Fedora, install fontpackages-devel, this package has all the fontconfig templates
you can find it under /usr/share/fontconfig/templates/
If you know this font will be useful for any language use l10n-font-template.conf
else use basic-font-template.conf

- If the prefix is the good one and maybe more rules to select it ?

69 prefix looks good to me as it will not changes any default setting

but better way is file a package review request at
choose component Package Review, in review most of these thing will get more clearer.

for filing package review request see

Best Regards,
Pravin S
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