warning while generating .ttf file

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"Windows has decided that fonts with 'name' tables bigger than 5K are
insecure and will refuse to load them. Don't ask me why they believe this.
This font has a name table which is 6948 bytes and is bigger than this limit."


.... MicroSoft recently (2009) released a security patch in which they decided that font's whose 'name' table was bigger than 5K were insecure. Personally I cannot fathom their logic, but that's OK, I usually can't. Unfortunately many licenses are bigger than 5K, the OFL is for one, so it is now "better" to include a link to a license website rather than the full text of the license -- at least it is if you want your font to work on Windows.

Most of the fonts has license included inside fonts itself.

version fontforge-20090923-2

Pravin S
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