Funding for open/libre font creation

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One of the recurrent questions about open/libre font creation is where
to get some funding. For people not aware of it:

1. The Mozilla Fundation has indicated in the past it is ready to
sponsor initiatives to improve open/libre fonts (and indeed the OFLB has
benefited from some funds).

2. The Internet Society has a grants program that includes this year «
Enabling Access for Under-served Communities (including people that use
non-Latin language scripts) », up to 10 000 $ per project

Both of them are primarily interested in fonts as an access enabler. So
as I read it they are unlikely to sponsor the creation of new fonts from
scratch (because they are unlikely to get the level of distribution that
would have an effect on access). However, a proposal to extend of fix
non-latin support in one of the existing and widely-used open/libre
fonts, is likely to meet the funding requirements.


Nicolas Mailhot

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