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Le Mer 17 mars 2010 05:41, प्रविण सातपुते  a écrit :

> This really a good news,
> but there is really need funding for creating new font as Unicode is adding
> new script and we need some open source fonts for it, i was thinking to meet
> here (India/Pune) some Art. Institute for glyphs designing, or may be for
> creating new style for some existing scripts.
> having some budget for it will really help in motivating/improving
> contribution.

You can try to propose another project, of course, but you'll have to convince
isoc it's a good idea (and they seem to have a may deadline for 2010

I think you also need to identify precisely what is missing in
fontconfig/pango/fontforge to enable multi-script fonts. Creating one font per
script only scales if you consider people only need access to their local
language (script list × default css styles = huge number). When you add the
requirement that the same system need to be usable from any point of the world
without heavy reconfiguration, this does not work at all. isoc funding would
certainly cover extending font libs this way. I think most of the needed bits
are already in OpenType, we just need to get them implemented.

Nicolas Mailhot

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