Re: New fonts not on wishlist?

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Le Sam 7 février 2009 09:55, Rahul Sundaram a écrit :
> Stephen Carter wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> I just had a quick question: If I happen to stumble across a new
>> font
>> that isn't packaged yet, and isn't on the wishlist, would it be
>> alright
>> if I packaged it up? Or should just focus on stuff in the wishlist
>> and
>> try to clear up some of the backlog?
>> The reason I asked was because someone on IRC gave this link to a
>> font
>> that doesn't appear on our wishlist, and appears to be brand-new:
>> Maybe it can be added to the wishlist?
> Feel free to add it to the wishlist and package it up. Though a
> wishlist
> expresses desire on the part of users or another contributor, there is
> no compulsion on you to follow only the wishlist. As long as there are
> fonts that qualify (licensing etc), then you can very well package
> them up.


You can always package fonts even if they're not on the wishlist as
long as they're not marked radioactive

The only downside to packaging a font without a wishlist entry is that
you have to create the wishlist entry page yourself, and no one else
pre-filtered the font for legal suitability in your stead


Nicolas Mailhot

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