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Am Freitag, den 06.02.2009, 12:03 -0300 schrieb Paul Lange:
> > I'm not sure that:
> > "the width and style is reminiscent of Luxi Sans, Lucida Sans, Tahoma,
> > and Andale Sans UI" is sufficient to mark the font as a valid substitute
> > for those fonts. So far we've only marked this way fonts that were
> > clearly derivatives of other fonts, or that claimed same (not
> > reminiscent) metrics.
> OK, I removed the substitution rules.
> > > I set the fontconfig-prefix of the sans-serif one to 61 (only latin) and
> > > of the monospace to 64 (only latin, only regular). Any comments on this?
> > 
> > You can probably be more conservative with sans-serif
> Done this to and submitted a review request:

Sorry, wrong link. See

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