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Le vendredi 30 janvier 2009 à 20:28 -0300, Paul Lange a écrit :

> Hey,
> thank you for your fast answer!


> I created a Review request for my package. You find it here:

I'll look at it soonish.

For actual sponsoring I'll wait for one or two more successful
submissions by you, as the fonts packaging process has been streamlined
so much a single submission is not really selective nowadays.

> One thing I noticed when going through the Joining the Fonts SIG
> wikipage: There is written that you should apply for membership in the
> cvsextras group on fas. This group does (not longer) exist.

Thank you for noticing *and reporting* this. Should be fixed now (BTW
anyone declared in FAS is free and encouraged to fix and improve the SIG
wiki pages, only the official guidelines are locked)

> One more question. I started looking at the next font - Vollkorn.
> On the website there is only the *.otf file. Should I put it into an
> archive for packaging?

Try to always use the files in the form provided upstream with their
exact link in Source: . The only exceptions are archives that include
stuff we can not distribute, even in an srpm, or archives that need a
non-free unpacker. In those cases we do re-create source archives but
it's and exception mode that should be avoided as much as possible.


Nicolas Mailhot

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